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The How of Business - How to start, run & grow a small business.

The How of Business Podcast is dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business. 

Dec 26, 2016

Sales & Client Account Management skills for small business owners. Dan Englander shares his journey from history major in college, a marketing a sales career in the corporate world, to launching his own business. Dan is an entrepreneur, consultant and the author of Mastering Account Management, and The B2B Sales Blueprint. He’s the founder of Sales Schema where he helps salespeople, business owners, and account managers win new customers and grow their existing accounts. Prior to founding Sales Schema he was the first employee and Senior Account Manager at IdeaRocket, the premier studio for high-quality animated explainer videos. He brought in business and managed productions for dozens of Fortune 500s and startups like Venmo. He’s a decent living-room guitarist and he makes a mean paella!

Henry Lopez is the host of this episode of The How of Business show – dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business. (